Friday, December 05, 2008

10-year-old Bill and Buster doodles!

Bill and Buster have been lurking in my head since I was a kid in grade school. I was always in trouble with my teachers for doodling in class. I recently dug up my book from Journalism class my freshman year of high school, and just had to scan a couple doodles from the margins. Maybe I was mad at William Zinsser for not including any illustrations in "On Writing Well"?

Here are the original drawings, and my Photoshop colorings of them just for fun. You will notice that the characters look different...but this is how they looked originally. Bill was chunkier and less detailed, and Buster was brown, not orange, with a much different look to him.

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Morty said...

I like it Matthew, very Jonse-esque!